Push Quick Wire Cable Connector

$19.99 USD

Set: Set 1 (50 pcs)

Set 1 (50 pcs)
2 Sets (🔥Best Seller)
3 Sets (🔥Best Choice)

Connecting wires has never been so easy and safe! UL-certificated product.

High-Quality Material: The shell is made from high-standard flame retardant engineering plastic, which is practical and has a long service life—a great choice for you.

Good performance: With high-quality steel clamp pins of good elasticity and good conductivity, connectors can serve their purpose well. Its quality is guaranteed.

Convenient to use: Fast wire connection operation without drilling screw holes speeds up the wiring process, which is quite convenient. It can be used with peace of mind.

Practical: Connect the live wire to the part with the L sign, and the neutral wire to the part with the N sign, the sign is clearly visible. Bring you a new and different using feeling.

Insulation Material: Polypropylene
Set: 50 pcs

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